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Fantastic article. It could be titled How The World Works For Dummies.

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I ran for mayor against Gavin screwsom in SF 2007, having no idea he was , nor what is, then, a young globalist klausian cocksucker leader.

ScKamala put me in jail and took my business away.

When Gavin shook my hand at a debate, sic, flesh crawled off my skin into the abyss.

I went to jail, solitary confinement lost my business, and my life seems to have been forever wrecked.

In 2020 they did that all same shit to you too.

Solitary, loss of business,loss of freedom forever.

Easy come, easy gone forevermore

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Thank you for this extensive work, Aleks.

The normal air defenses of the USA were "stood down" on 9/11/01, due to "training exercises" that were being carried out simultaneously, "Northern Defender" pulled most of NORAD's planes up to northern Canada and Alaska, while "Vigilant Guardian" simulated what was actually happening in real time. Air traffic controllers kept asking if what they were seeing was "real or exercise".

The hole in the Pentagon looked just like the hole in Slobodan Milosevich's building, caused by a cruise-missile with penetration warhead.

No wings, luggage, titanium turbofan engines or passenger bodies on the Pentagon lawn...

Rumsfeld and Cheney had worked on "Continuity of Government" chain of command procedures since Gerald Ford was president. They went-live on 9/11/01. Cheney was running the battle-board. Bush Jr. was tucked-away, as were the rest of elected government representatives.

The USAF was certainly involved in planning. ("Lucky") Larry Silverstein, the new WTC owner was certainly involved in planning and cover up. Security for the WTC complex was handled by a Mossad-founded company. Certain people went to work and died that day, but others did not.

9/11/01 "finished" what was carried out 11/22/63, with LBJ's full cooperation, and which served the MIC, Israeli-nuclear-weapons-program, Federal Reserve Bank, and Allen Dulles, as well as Bush, Harriman, Rockefeller and associated interests, the interests of the oligarchs who repeatedly tried to kill FDR, and quite possibly succeeded through poison in April of 1945. Something like a trillion dollars of special purpose US government treasury debt (originated to take-down the USSR) came due on 9/11/01 or 9/12/01, and was covered by emergency spending measures.

George H.W. Bush was in Dallas on that 11/22/63, though he always reported that "he could not remember" where he was. "Poppy" Bush was in the CIA, and later ran the CIA. (I remember going home from kindergarten at noon that day, etc.)

As we know, a whole lot of witnesses to the events of 11/22/63 were dead by 1967, a whole lot of people. (There is a high-level rumor that later Watergate Burglar G. Gordon Liddy fired the fatal shot under JFK's chin, but who knows? Mainly the dead know. Richard Nixon reportedly knew a lot, and kept as far from the CIA as he could, which was not really possible, of course.

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The realism is so welcoming .

The urge to control dominates to achieve prosperity until it goes insane trying control every detail of existence.

Even devouring its host, democracy ‘s dream of diversity with views for a balanced perspective.

It’s not working out thank goodness as we the people pull back the curtain on this dark room of the unthinking.

So hard to repress life itself!

Openness is the light to shine into this social gloom as is the morning dawn bringing us a new day.

Keep shining the light!

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Many thanks, Aleks, for pulling all this information together. A great work!

You used Rothschild as your starting point. My starting point would probably have been slightly earlier: Sabbatai Zevi, but same difference really.

The Bilderberg Group was established to manage and launder through European and American banks the vast amount of loot which the Americans and British allowed senior NAZIs, like Hitler and Bormann, to take with them when they faked their own deaths and fled to the protection of Peron in Argentina.

A section on The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) might also have been worthwhile.

These are some sources which may be of interest:





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Aleks, this is unequivocally the best article you’ve written to date!!

Bravo! 👏

I agree with you on everything you said here, and viewed from the operational level, my comments on your previous article (Israel) - I believe - are complimentary to your analysis.

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Thanx Alex for your work, it was really a good read!

With so many informations that we have nowdays, it seems to me we were never more blinded. It's not easy task to try and bring some structure into all this informational mess, as it creates more confusion and division.

So, thanx once again for your effort, we need voices like yours!

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Oh my, oh my. Good Morning my brain child. Goodness, little did I know as a young lass, age 17, would I excel at micro and macro economics. Oops, and accounting, data, sorting and stacking, winks. All relative, I did know it was to be one of my many gifts to offer as “service to others”; along the Good Red Road … the great re-membering; the Great Works, the Spiritual Revolution continues. Alas, my time is short, carry on I must. How I puttered along, river guiding, shearing sheep, farming, building Pelton Wheels, Straw Huts, blah blah. Then, all those years floor nursing and case managing my other selves, Special Eduction, us, the “Short Bus”; gang of nuro divergents. Yet, here I am this fine morning, with you my friend. Right where I belong. Must re read, save, re read, send to a few select folks. Where is that cat, my virtual cat? Old lady with a virtual cat❤️🐈‍⬛ ((Thank you, thank you, thank you))

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Brilliant reading as always! Great job!

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I for one support competition among our overlords. The more they have to fight for us, the better our position can be!

I think back to what some claim is the medieval idea of intersecting loyalties - you're a family man, a stalwart member of your village community, a religious man, a man loyal to his liege, and whatever other commitments bind you, all at once. Each has claim on you, but none of them truly own you, making it so that currying the average man's favor was a worthwhile pursuit.

The only thing that can beat a vampire is another vampire.


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Hello brothers (and sisters)... I hope to be of help with this link... memories from the covid-19 dark slavery times....

Cannot vouch for it, but maybe someone better than me can...


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Its not really correct to state "5. The loans are paid by taxpayer money. Hence, the taxpayers are paying for the war, for the interest charges of the banks and for the profits of the MIC."

According to MMT and indeed the central banks themselves, and others who have studies how banks work and double entry bookkeeping taxes are not “paying” for anything: instead new money is created routinely every time government makes a payment. Taxes are primarily an income / wealth distribution mechanism. This means that whatever 'balance' a government has at any one time is irrelevant.

For example a tax demand is a brand new asset created by government, balanced by a liability once the tax has been paid, and both sides of the balance sheet cancel out to zero: the basic working principal of double entry bookkeeping the fundamental way all private, public and central banks work globally, which was Rothschild's and all the other banksters' insight, that you don't need savers to fund spending.




The U.S. government's total revenue is estimated to be $4.71 trillion for FY 2023.


And the US National Debt passed 28 Trillion earlier this year, with 4.7 Trillion added in FY 2023.


But the U.S. government has spent $6.13 trillion in fiscal year 2023.


Clearly taxes don't fund spending.

The US 28 Trillion National Debt could be mostly wiped out with a modern debt jubilee. This happened in 1948 when the Deutsche Mark was introduced, replacing the Reichsmark, and 90 percent of government and private debt was wiped out in the currency reform administered by the Allied Powers, creating what the Germans called an “Economic Miracle” when Germany emerged as an almost debt-free country, with low costs of production that jump-started its modern economy.


In all eras – from antiquity to the present – debts have tended to mount up faster than the ability of most debtors to pay. That is a basic mathematical fact: Economic growth is arithmetic and can’t keep up with the exponential growth of debt growing at compound interest.

The big economic question is – and has always been – what will happen if debts cannot be paid? Will there be a debt writedown in favor of debtors (as has been done for large corporations), or will creditors be allowed to foreclose (as is always done on personal debtors and mortgage-holders), leading to their political takeover of the assets of the economy – and the government’s public sector?


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Enjoyed again, thanks Aleks. So enlightened. What do you think about Kiev's and Washington's plans to convert Ukraine into the new big Israel? Will be nice to hear your thoughts on that.

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Good evening Aleks.

I wait some hours and read it twice, but I must confess you did not convince me, for three reason:

1. you cannot speak of a "Western" Oligarchy without an "Eastern" one (i.e. the BRICS currency look a lot like my nightmare than your dream);

2. STOP SAYING GERMANY IS A POWERHOUSE PLEAS IN THE NAME OF OUR FELLOW CHRISTIAN TRUE GOD: Germany is a failing Third World power that lived of cheap gas (North Stream) wage-dumping (Haartz reforms) and currency manipulation (€). It is a victim of its self delusion (the only country in the human history that lost 3 world wars in 3) not "American" malicy - and it is only delusion: no country in the world ever responded to a non-tariff import barrier (i.e. Dieselgate) by SELF-CASTRATING through mandatory dependecy on foreign resources and technology (EU Green Deal);

3. there is a ready-made solution for all this condrum: the DEPENDENT Central Bank (i.e. one that is at best a Minister/Undersecretary at worst an Agency). Yes, the FED bombed to death almost all of them, from French and Italian ones to the Arab ones (and those one literally), but it is really that simple.

Point 3, in particular, make me not much receptive of all.

Con immutata stima.

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Huge job, great article.

Thank you Aleks.

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Brilliant article, thank you. Very clear high level view, the clearest I’ve seen.

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