Ahem! "Donald Trump was the president of Ukraine"???

You might wish to correct this, even after all these months.

I read the few comments and no one else seemed to have noticed this faux pas.

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Question about the Maidan protests... how widespread were they throughout the country? Was there a significant difference in protests between the east and the west of the country?

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Thank you Aleks!!!

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Hi Visian,

thanks for your second comment :-)

Well, the maidan protest took solely place in Kiev on the "Maidan" square.

I'm not aware of more pro-junta protests, that took place at that time.

Pro Russian protests took place all across the south and east of Ukraine.

South: In Odessa unfortunately some 50 pro-RU protesters were burned to death by right wing Ukrainians.

Crimea: We know the story...

East: The protests have been transformed quickly into an armed conflict against the coup regime.

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