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You say, many ukrainians die, each has a family, they will hate Russia. Yes, one has to consider this, but I question, if this is really an issue for the russian part. These are the doubts:

- Many ukrainian men die. They won't be able to found a familiy. The corresponding ukrainian women will have to find men elsewere, either russian men, so that they will adapt to the russian point of view concerning this conflict, or they flee to western europe and cannot disturb the integration of ukraine into russia any longer.

- The elderly who suffer from having lost their sons will die out soon. Besides, nowerdays the part of the population which grows up does not rely on the what the elder say when it comes to interpret the world into which they are growing. This was different in former times. Today the young people rely on what TV and social media say.

- It was possible to manipulate bigger amount of ukrainians within few years into pro-nazi russian haters – even allthough they speak russian and are russians themselves, even allthough the russian people was above all doubts part of ukraine at least in Donbass. The job of manipulation was done mostly by TV and also by social media and other propaganda. In the same way it will be possible to swich future children and almost everbody who is now younger than 30 into pro russians. Those who are elder than 40 rember by their own childhood, that they belong to a russian state (then called Soviet Union).

- What about the civil war 1918-1922? A lot emigrated, but after the civil war has ended, the mass of the people stayed in Russia (Soviet Union). Did the people hate each other? I guess not more than the usual hate, which every citizin bears subcounsciously towards his neighbour in every modern society. So not a special issue for the future russian state.

- It belongs to russian culture to become friends with those, with whom one has fought fiercly before. See how friendly russians were to germans after 1945. This character trait is founded in the orthodox christianity. Western people tend to underestimate this. If the west has a strategy which counts on eternal hate between ukrainians and russians, it probably miscalculated.

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Alex, you don't take to the consideration the damage the west incurs to themselves. Your article is very limited in terms of taking into account all aspects. The west is now suffering because of self sanctioning under the pretext of fighting Russia. Wait for the mass revolts in the west. The result will be the demise of the west rather than the destruction of Russia. I agree though that Ukraine will be gone, as a country. They aren't the same people. Western Ukraine is totally different from the east and south.

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"This family will hate Russians forever."

This can be overdone (and countered afterwards by 'brainwashing') and boomerang back to an eternal hatred for the west as well.

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Thank You Aleks For Sharing This Article Very Informative 👍🏼

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Fantastic articles, Aleks. The truth. Thank you.


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