Wow good article with alot of good information!!!

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Thank you Juan.

It's a pleasure, getting such a feedback from a marine ;)

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Very interesting yet the Russian General Staff do not publish war plans.

Much speculation attends the actions of The Russian Armed Forces.


What seems likely is Russia will now finish this matter of this US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War to weaken Russia and it enters its terminal phase - The Winter Offensive.


Much is made in the Western mainstream of "losing territory".

It is not WWI and territory counts for little during this conflict.

Here, what counts is dead Ukrainian Armed Forces - their complete destruction along with the smaller presence of US-NATO-UK forces brought in to train and operate the more complex weapons systems.

Many have died. Little is said.


In this conflict, God Favours Russia . . . https://les7eb.substack.com/p/ukraine-long-proxy-war-vi-god-favours

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I like how you extrapolate from what was actually said by the relevant people, without trying to invent motivations and then building on these supposed motivations. More analysts should do this.

It is imo a kind of sickness (of the mind) that is prevalent in the west that always seeks to complicate things by trying to discern hidden motivations.

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