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Thank you Alex. Your analysis always completes some parts of this puzzle for me. What do you think would be the Russian strategy regarding big cities like Dnepropetrovsk, Sumy, Kharkov etc in case of big arrow offensives? How exactly could the actual endgame in Ukraine look like in reality, legally speaking? Capitulation signing by Zelensky or some Ukrainian generals with total surrender of remaining troops? What could be the West's move in this case? It is obvious that Ukraine is much more important for US then Afghanistan or even Syria. Thank you again for your time and attention to this matter. Much appreciated.

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In this conflict, God Favours Russia.


Expressed further under the Decline of The West, vectored via that failed, longest of the long LongShots, this engineered US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War over the lives of the poor Ukrainian people to weaken Russia, tip out its government and expropriate its considerable resources.

Dr. Angela Merkel admitted to being a deceptive liar over the Minsk Agreement.

Dr. Henry Kissinger has publicized what they all knew and planned for, while strenuously denied.

The Russian Government figured it all, in any case and so . . .


Judgment shall be by outcomes. Thus far, it is the EU and NATO that will disintegrate. Paradoxically, the present winners are simultaneously the United States and Russia. Those in the way of superpower aspirations invariably are ground up in the geo-political machinery.

Discussed here in lengthy, abstruse and eclectic prose across several essays that will leave the reader visibly aged, yet possibly far wiser although admittedly that is entirely speculative . . . https://les7eb.substack.com


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A possible end could be a shock capture of Kiev and the capture of the political and military leadership of Ukraine especially Elenskyy and Zarushny and force the surrender of its leadership followed by an open trial, prosecution and conviction for war crimes and wholesale corruption. Yes a new western sponsored political and military leadership will emerge in Lviv, but it would already see the surrender and collapse of the entire Eastern and Central Ukrainian military... That would be the most humane thing to spare an entire remaining nation especially is young men and any men of conscriptable age...

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